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If you want to get noticed, there’s no better way than enhancing your features than with striking pops of colour.

While monochromatic colours will always remain chic, vibrant hues of blues, mints and fuchsias are making their way into the hottest trend list this season for their proven ability to uplift to your look.

Style and colour experts like Gessica Marmotta confirm that a sea of too much black and grey in our appearance affects our mood! It’s not that there is anything wrong with black or neutrals… but colour could be powerful enough to change your life.

“I feel that 90% of people who wear dull colours are afraid to show themselves, they want to blend in for obvious reasons,” Gessica tells Maxmade.  “When I place colours on clients that suit them, everything seems to change for them. Somehow there is a skip in their step. They tell me they receive more compliments and generally feel great.”

Whether you colour block across one facial feature, wear contrasting colours, or coordinate your shades, strong colour trends are what many makeup companies and artists from YSL, NARS and Charlotte Tilbury are all exploring at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong – I am the first to appreciate the earthy appeal of creams and tans, which are an easy staple to streamline your daily makeup. They’re flattering, they’re safe and well, too much of a good thing can get boring. 

There is, however a trick to wearing strong colours right so they look more ‘at home.’

You know how in interior design, three different bright items, say in blue, can be used throughout a neutral space without seeming overbearing? Well, this approach can be practised in your makeup too. Choose three shades of blue: one, a bright luminous blue for your lid, one a deep navy shade to apply around the lash line, and finally a neon shade for the inner rim of the eye. All these shades compliment each other, making them feel striking, as much as harmonious. That, coupled with a warm apricot peach shade for the lips and cheeks is the colour-blocking theme done right.

The same logic may prevail when styling an outfit together, using a contrasting colour to make the outfit as a whole pop. Say you style an outfit in pastel shades of pink and green… you could easily offset the look with a navy hat or shoe that contrasts against the pastel colours – and brings the outfit together. The same theory can go with your makeup, choosing a pastel shade of green for the eyes, a bright pink for cheeks and lips and a deep navy pencil for your lash-line.  

To make this transition a whole lot easier we’ve put together some of our favourite colour pairings that will allow even the shyest readers to embrace this massive trend.



In science and colour theory, there are precise definitions for contrasting and complementary colours and how they appear on the colour wheel. 




Colour contrast

Two colours from different segments of the colour wheel are contrasting colours. The more transitional colours separating two colours, the greater the contrast.

For instance, let’s look at orange and green: to make things more modern, change the green to a mint and the orange to a peach, but the wheel logic still prevails.






Whichever way you take this look, I love the Eliss Faas Creamy Eyeshadow in Mint Green. 



While it sounds intense or even an unusual colour to choose, mint enhances blue and green eyes and makes dark eyes look lighter by playing up colours you’ve never seen before! Ellis Fass Mint Green cream-to-powder shadow is sheer, looking more like a wash of watercolour across the eye with a delicate luminous reflection that makes applying and blending effortless and easy to wear. 


Paired with the sweet and innocent (although I know you better than that, you minx!) shade of a nude-peach lip that is Marc Jacobs enamoured hi-shine lip lacquer in French Tickler – it’s iridescent peach shimmer girly gloss in a tube!




A beautiful way to finish this combo off is with a contrasting pastel pink cheek colour like NARS Blush in Bumpy Ride. A slightly dusty pastel pink blush to contrast the lip and eye, bringing everything together in a pastel hue!



Colour blocking

Pair two similar colours together to make one of them really pop! Think plum and mauve, blue and cobalt or fuchsia and pink playing together on the face.

This trend is really easy to perfect – choose one solid colour, such as I did for the blue YSL style eye in the hero shot, then bring a subtle punch of pop, such as an electric blue liner right in the inner corner of the eye, or even a flash of blue mascara (I die for Diorshow Lash Extension Effect Volume Mascara in Blue).


For a violet / purple variation of this look, try the Dolce & Gabbana Eye Shadow Quad in Amore… Sweep the dark purple shade over the lid, then use a wet brush to apply the violet flash to the inner corners. 

Tickled pink? 


If the eyes are not your thing flip it and concentrate on your lips and cheeks and leave the eyes nude. This time why not choose a nude / softer pink at the low end of the colour spectrum – such as the NARS Lip Cover in Summer Fire, and dabbed delicately on your lips with your finger. 


Then, make a fuchsia statement on the cheek for a youthful flush of colour. Check out HOURGLASS Ambient® Lighting Blush in Radiant Magenta, it’s simply INSANE. Leave the eyes sheer and nude and let your face come up roses. 




Complimentary Colours

Another strong way to use colour is to centre it with a strong or subtle earth tone. This is one of my favourite ways to introduce colour. I’m talking bonze with turquoise, forest green and apricot or navy and a brick orange – think that quintessential Moroccan palette against the skyline!





For a signature bronze eye, cover the lids with SHU UEMURA Pressed Eye Shadow Pearl in Medium Brown, then line your top lash-line or inner waterline of the eye with a turquoise eye pencil or wet shadow, such as MECCA MAX The Illuminati Metallic Eyeshadow in Socialite.





Keep your lip to a plain with a simple nude gloss or push your look more bronze with a similar shade to your shadow, such as Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick 264 Coffee Shimmer. 


If you’re feeling this late -starting Autumn vibe, play with a metallic Forest Green & Gold shadow like Tom Ford Cream & Powder In Emerald Isles, and delicate apricot lip like MAC Sushi Kiss Lipstick and Shu Uemura’s Apricot Blush (one of my favourite colours of ALL time ) to tie into your lip.


The lesson is, you can confidently wear colours, however bold or subtle you wish, by accompanying it with other clever shades that can either enhance or play down the effect to make it all look seamless.

Choose one statement colour you love, then use similar, contrasting or complementary hues that are more subtle to tie it all together and give the synergy harmony.

Between your lids, cheeks and lips, the possibilities to play are endless. 





Words:  Alina Berdi / Product review & Hair & Makeup: Max May / Photographer: Bonnie Hansen for Maxmade.com.au / Stylist: Molly King / Model: Breck @IMG




Earrings – Pierre Winter Jewels / Metallic Fur Coat – Cara Mia Vintage / Belt – Thank God I’m VIP, Paris


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