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Green is the colour you wear when you’re chasing the eternal sunshine or yearning for a hit of balanced harmony. It’s the summer dress in Santorini, the reassuring label on your eco-snack and the glow of emerald for girls who are too cool for diamonds.

From a colour therapy perspective, green is the great balancer between the head and the heart. This is the shade that whispers to the world, ‘go easy’, perfect to cocoon in after a testing week or an unwelcome heartbreak.
Exhausted, crying or even working past your bedtime? A touch of avocado renews your system and restores depleted energy. Eat it, blend it, wear it on your face. Chartreuse equates to kindness and wellbeing, while mint hues are the ultimate self-healer.

Lime sends the message that you’re loving life, while bottle-greens channels a vibe that’s trusting and authentic. If I saw a teal girl, I’d think she’s edgy, avant-garde and an easy listener. I would want to buy her a coffee and instantly be her friend.

Wear your favourite shade of green next time you throw a dinner party and ensure there is plenty of this vibrant colour both on your aesthetic palate and guests’ heaving plates. Green will help other people relax and feel lavish in your surroundings. It is the colour of wealth, abundance and rich, leafy forests. Moss shades give off the impression of being a better friend, so wear it to let your babes know you will have their back and keep their secrets.


If green were a girl, she’d be a healer or a social muse. You love to observe and listen, help friends out of a mess and inspire the general world to be nicer. You’ll always bring a bowl of water for a puppy and fill a stranger’s plate at a buffet with that last bit of salad. You stick up for the needy and care for the sick, all the while inspiring a huge Insta-tribe with you carefree and organic lifestyle. Basically, the green girl gives a sh*t and looks like a goddess doing it.

The post below is here to help you use green as the ultimate mood lifter and life enhancer. In makeup, green is used to save the skin from reddish pigments and gift you with a burst of clean, creative lines.

Either mixed in with your shadow or trending on nails, emerald tones will fuse the mental clarity and optimism of yellow with the emotional calm and insight of blue. Being a mixture of these two stellar tones, green works amazingly with sky-blue eyes and golden skins, as well as yellow accessories and cobalt make-up.

Here is how to open the heart chakra and bring some jade vibes into your life.




MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Undercurrent  

Here is a rich metallic eyeliner with a touch of shimmer to make all eye colours pop. Blend though the bottom lash line and inner rim of the eye for a vibrant hue to highlight brown or green eyes, or line across the top lash line only for a modern take on the classic winged eyeliner look.




Dior Couture Colour & Effects Eyeshadow Palette in Jardin

 Feast your eyes on the perfect mix of two defined greens – one lime and a deeper forest that can be altered with the deep Mediterranean blue to reflect different shades of the ocean… Amazing. The third and fourth shades are a shell pink and pearl, to add the finer detail in the inner corner of the eye or highlight the brow bone. Each shadow also has a very soft metallic finish that makes the texture almost melt across the lids. 


Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Sudachi (forest green)

Finger painting for the lids plus 16 hours of hold time? Sign me up! A super lightweight radiant cream eyeshadow that goes on with a sheer wash of colour and brilliance, Shiseido’s Shimmering Eye Colour has one of the longest lasting ‘just-applied’ fresh looks I’ve yet encountered. It’s the perfect shadow for darker brown eyes, as well as for those slowly getting acquainted with brighter colours. Guaranteed to have people guessing why your eyes look brighter.



Illamasque Matt Cream Pigment in Bedaub

This beautiful, rich colour is a homage to that gorgeous 1960’s make-up, gliding on with a sophisticated and matte finish. Being a cream, it also blends effortlessly before setting its hold for Bond-like staying power. Wear it with an elegant red lip for a classic finish or a pastel pink stain for a playful look!



OPI – Hey, Get in Lime

I love how flirty yet sophisticated this opaque jade nail colour actually is. It adds a pop of youthfulness to even the stuffiest of outfits without offending in-laws or being too bright in your face. It’s my autumn winter nail colour of the season and all my corporate-life girls are into it already. Give it a try!




Photographer: Max Papendieck at DLM for Maxmade.com.au, Words: Alina Berdichevsky, Hair & Makeup: Max May, Model: Ruby at Priscilla’s

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