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Game-Changer Alert: Four At-Home Beauty Devices That Will Change The Way You Have A Facial

We all love a visit to the salon, but when you’d rather stay at home, these super-gadgets will give you a similarly epic result – in half the time.

Beauty rituals are getting really high tech – think wearables, vibrating devices, super mitts and micro-currents that help you brighten, stimulate and detoxify your skin – in the comfort of your own home.

Just as the Apple Watch turned us all into personal trainers, so too, at-home devices are desired by as many as 70% of women for their effectiveness and convenience in keeping the complexion plump, radiant and lifted between salon visits.

Yet with some pretty powerful and active creams and serums on the market, why do you need a device as well?

Well, the technology behind these gadgets allows your prized potions to penetrate deeper – as well as stimulate collagen, allow for deeper cleansing, work the muscles in the face and accelerate lymphatic drainage for a youthful and fresh appearance.

It’s about functionality in your daily routine with maximum results!

These MM-approved devices get the best results I’ve experienced so far, combining at-home beauty pampering with salon-grade therapy to improve your skin in every way – and maximise the results of your skincare.

Invest in each one today to take your skin to the next level…


NuSkin Galvanic Face Spa

Confession: I haven’t been entirely truthful over the last few months about my skin and what I have been using. The thing is, I wanted to be really thorough and experience the full potential before I let the cat out of the bag! What first brought me to this machine was reading up on the use of electricity (self-adjusting currents) to help the transport of key ingredients in skincare deeper into the skin, stimulate the muscles into lifting and tricking the cells into thinking they’re genetically young – therefore flatlining the ageing process. Crazy, huh?

Enter, the NuSkin Galvanic Face Spa. This genius device features patented self-adjusting currents and interchangeable conductors (the piece that massages the curves and contours of your face) that work synergistically with specially-formulated treatment gels to facilitate the transport of key ingredients to the skin. Once your turn the spa on and it touches your skin, the whole process runs for 15 minutes. Throughout that 15 mins, there are 3 processes the machine goes through. The first 4 mins of the treatment the machine focus is to bind and remove impurities, while the second step (6 mins) delivers vital nutrients to help the skin recover from stress, promote cellular energy and leave the skin invigorated and revitalised. The last 5 minutes you can either spot-treat any crows feet and fine lines, slenderize the face or stimulate your scalp for thicker hair, using any one of the extra attachments.

I love that it’s so efficient to complete the whole process, yet the skin is left glowing and revitalised like you’ve literally stepped out of spending hours at the salon. In fact, microcurrent has been used in the beauty industry for over 50 years! Upon using this Galvanic device for the first time, I noticed a massive face lifting effect. Now, their research says it can slow down the ageing process at the genetic level due to the deep penetration of powerful enzymes that target the ultimate sources of ageing. I read these sorts of promises all the time, and to be honest, anyone can say this about their product as most ‘research’ is done internally – so you can really say whatever you want. This is why I have held back revealing what I have been doing or using on my skin and face until I saw the outcomes for myself. Well, the fact that these studies have been cited in several independent scientific journals must hold some clout, as I can happily say that I have seen MAJOR results in skin texture, clarity, firmness and overall feel. My skin feels plumper, fuller, more youthful… and it’s not only me who’s noticed it. 3months deep and knowing I can maintain these fabulous results in only 15 minutes, twice a week, makes me a very happy man….



2. Aduro Personal LED Mask.

I have been using the Aduro personalised LED Mask for a little over a month now – and I’m super impressed results I have seen. My skin is glowing and holding hydration so much better since I started… and I drink a LOT of coffee, plus pre-workout shakes which are the worst when it comes to dehydrating your skin… so if it works for someone as H2O depleted as me (whoops), imagine what it can do for your dewy complexion!

Combining all the benefits of 8 different colour LED wavelengths with added Infra-Red Skin Boosting technology to penetrate deeper into the skin, I have personalised my treatment to include the Skin Booster, which is a red light that is great for anti-ageing. I mixed up my session between that and the Skin Balancer (green light) while I was away in Bali recently, which is great for reducing pigmentation that I tend to get around the corners of my eyes and temples. Let me confess that I really did a number on myself in the sun while I was there… and the pigmentation didn’t come up.

I am using the mask as recommended, every second night on my face, and the in-between night on my neck. People forget this area, but it’s just as important as the face since it ages at a similar rate and is equally exposed to the elements. I invested in their collagen pack for the neck, which you layer under the mask while it’s on to help the product penetrate deeper. I do the same thing with my facial skincare and put it on before my 20-minute treatment. The light helps push it deeper into the skin. BOOM!



3. Sante by Enjo Body Exfoliating Glove

I freaking love this body glove nearly as much as I love the Enjo makeup removing pads, which have changed the way I take off makeup forever. This is huge, which as a makeup artist, I need to take a look off and re-apply sometimes 5-6 times a day. The microfibres are super gentle on the skin and grip dirt and debris using only water. The Body Glove is a variation of this and I use it every night on my entire body, with one side exfoliating and the other for washing – or as I say, buffing. The exfoliating side is not the coarseness you’d expect, and even though it’s super smooth, I can still feel it polishing the skin off! Magic. Once you are done exfoliating, you just flip the glove and buff your body over. My skin (even my feet) have seriously never been so supple. Once you buff you’ll never go back!


4. Foreo Luna 2 Facial Brush

Have you seen this little spiky puppy at Sephora yet? It’s a little silicone sponge-like device that vibrates, cleansing and exfoliating the skin. I use it in my kit because you can wash it under water and re-use it immediately – making it more hygienic than the classic bristle heads. It’s also smaller and more mobile than other devices on the market. You don’t need to replace the brushes and it doesn’t make skin red – just gets it sparkling clean. The Foreo smoothes, exfoliates and cleans skin gently and deeply with the tiniest of vibrations. The downside is you only get about 450 cleanses (which equates to 7 months). Indulge in a gentle 2-minute daily skin care routine and uncover a more luminous, refined and youthful look – with minimal damage.



Hair & Makeup & Product Review; Max May / Written; Alina Berdichevsky

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