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Nourish, protect, hydrate, rejuvenate and repair! Find out why Oil is the liquid gold elixir for your eternal youth…

Do you know who was our earliest beauty influencer?

Before Caitlyn, there was Cleopatra – the decadent queen of 5000 years ago, as famous for her rose water, salt scrubs and milk baths as she was for her political prowess and active bedside manner.

However, what I’d like to praise her for is championing beauty oils as the keystone of a glamorous grooming routine.

Records show that body oil was applied daily by almost all of Cleo’s citizens as a form of moisturising and skin protection. Even the poor got paid in oil instead of cash, lest they appear unseemly. Priests enjoyed special privileges to use plant-infused oils to connect with the gods and, like Beyonce and Britney, each deity had its own fragrance dedicated to it.


Modern life certainly provides a strong case to keep up these routines: we are more stressed, breathing in mucky air, suffering from sleepless nights, and eating packaged tuna on the run (and not much else).

Oils can counter these lifestyle sins due to their high affinity with our skin. You can literally see the radiance and suppleness being restored and dull skin cells coming back to life. They are also ideal for cleansing, dissolving grease without damaging our sensitive PH levels. Best of all, some oils have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which can reduce breakouts and heal skin conditions such as psoriasis and scars – while being kinder to the planet than traditional medications.

The rich and supreme nutrients in natural oils provide all you need for healthy looking and radiant skin – while their aromatic factor can revive spirits as much as complexions.

If you want to make like a queen and indulge in a more upmarket hit than a supermarket bottle, here are the 5 best oil brands to invest and lavish in at length.


Chantecaille Rose De Mai Face Oil

This luxe anti-ageing booster combats dry skin and discolouration while garnering a skin brightening effect – thanks to ingredients that attack pigment and balance your skin tone. This 100% natural elixir is infused with powerful botanicals that lessen the appearance of fine lines, while promoting a brighter looking complexion. Imagine playing with a lush bouquet of roses: Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Rose Damascena and Rose Geranium essences delivers immediate nourishment in just a few drops. Tip: pop it on at night, concentrating on the décolletage for a reviving vitamin C hit.


Darphin The Revitalising Oil

Woke up with tired skin? Just reach for this powerful blend of four essential oils (ylang-ylang, jasmine, rosewood and lavender) and nine precious plant oils that combine to restore moisture and improve the natural protective barrier of skin. An uplifted mood reflects in your radiance, and this botanical scent elevates your spirits while the light-weight, non greasy formula plumps the skin (and leaves you instantly hydrated). I love that such a potent product can leave your skin silky, yet non-greasy – this oil is even lighter than moisturiser, so it can instantly penetrate your dermis. TIP: this product can be used on both the hair and face. For the hair, the oil helps reduce breakage and promotes silkiness, health and shine. Use a few drops as a post-blow-dry serum.


Ocinium Green Tea + Ginseng Facial Oil
I love this tailor made organic oil because it’s bio degradable, medical grade formula makes sense for the planet while looking chic on the shelf. It has potent anti-oxidant delivery with Vitamin C + E, Retinol, thus doing a great job at protecting the skin against free radicals associated with environmental ageing. Botanicals such as Rosehip Canina, Pomegranate, Papaya, E/O Citrus, Cedar Wood, Lavender, Palmarosa, Rose Otto andVanilla CO2 repair, refine and renew texture and tone. Tip: oils are fast penetrating, so a great way is to use them is after the shower to trap hydration under the skin. Just apply to wet skin and kiss dryness goodbye!


Jergens Shea Beauty Oil

We can’t forget your bod, and this delicious Shea Butter body oil is lightweight on the skin and leaves a delicate sheen – I absolutely love the finish! This lush product contains a unique blend of Shea Butter and Argan Oil. It has the power to lock in moisture and give you luminous, visibly radiant skin all day. Best of all, the Shea Butter in oil form actually penetrates, without sitting on the skin, which can be an issue with special butter formulas. I need to use products that work instantly – if you’re going to an event, I need an oil that is going to absorb a lot quicker, lock in moisture and shine to give you a faster result. Tip: next time you go out, add this oil for longer limbs to reflect light.



I mean, who hasn’t used Bio-Oil? I save this salve for special occasions of the scar, stretch mark, and after-trauma variety, rather than for every day use. An exception is if I’m removing waterproof make up, as it gently soaks off any product without stinging your skin like an alcohol based product can. What makes Bio-Oil special is the formulation of plant extracts and vitamins suspended in an oil base. It contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™, a fighter on the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone due to its ability to ensure that the goodness contained in the vitamins and plant extracts is easily absorbed. It’s no wonder this specialist skincare oil has won 332 skincare awards and has become the No.1 selling scar and stretch mark product in 24 countries!


Special Mention: Niugini Organics Raw 100% Organic Virgin Coconut oil

Yep, I’m totally on the bandwagon! Virgin, organic coconut oil is not only nourishing and affordable to smother on your skin and even through your hair, it’s also anti-bacterial – which means you can swish it around your mouth for cleaner, whiter teeth, soak your hair and slather your bod for after sun care and mix with it with a bit of honey for added anti-biotic qualities to treat all sorts of ailments.



Photographer: Josie Clough for Maxmade.com.au @DLM | Hair/Makeup & Product Reviews: Max May | Written: Alina Gershon | Model: Lenna Marie @Chadwick Models


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