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What is one accessory that can make your look either polished or posh, or undone and ready to rock – without changing your outfit? It’s the all-mighty eyeliner.

Whether worked in smudged and innocuous (think Kate Moss and Charlotte Tilbury) or flicked to perfection (like Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn), the eyeliner is a punctuation point, bringing out all your other aesthetic powers much like the little black dress.

Which LBD lady are you? If you’re prim and proper and mind your P’s and Q’s, then a neat flick of liquid liner is your best friend, there to reinforce your sense of elegance and control over your circumstances.

If you prefer your LBD styled with Doc Martins and like to draw outside the lines, a smudgier liner is your best accessory.

Still, there are no hard and fast rules in 2018, so there’s nothing like mixing it up to show the world your true colours on any given day (while still wearing all black).

Wear your LBD with a leather jacket and flicked neat liner, or prim stilettos and Chanel tweeding with a smudgy eye (bonus points for bedhead hair).

The point is, don’t under-estimate the power of your liner and it’s ability to show the world who you are, however subtly.

Now that you got the attitude it’s time to know the tools. Check out my liner edit, with some of my favorite products below, to master your desired liner like a pro.



Maybelline Graphic Master Liner in Bold Black

The newest of its kind, Maybelline Graphic Liner leads the market in a new wave of liners that pretty much mimic the technology and success of the famous Artline Texta. The angled felt tip gives you what I would describe as one of the most desirable advantage points to creating a precise line. Perfect for that steady-handed polish!


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Like a ‘Tattoo’, Kat Von D’s liner is one of the longest lasting liquid lining pens I have used… and what intrigues me most is the way it actually goes on. It’s quite sheer, or even a little watery, yet as soon as it’s applied, it thickens and dries within seconds. Whether I’m doing a graphic liner or wanting to push liquid into the lash to thicken the base of someone’s lashes, the long fine brush tip does all the work.


Charlotte Tilbury Rock & Kohl Liner

Designed by the queen of the cat-eye herself, makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury has released a pencil that encapsulates the Kate Moss rock-chic eye in a single flick of the wrist. Applied along the lash line or through the inner-rim of the eye, this decadent creamy pencil is the ultimate in eyeliner sex appeal. It’s also my go-to liner for smudging, where I use a cotton tip or fine-tipped brush to either blend along the bottom lash line or use as a base for a coat of liquid liner on top. Tip: a great idea to add some sexiness and soften that top liner is to create the line first with this CT pencil and slightly smudge it before you use a liquid liner.

YSL Beauté Dessin Waterproof Eye Pencil 

YSL Beauté revolutionary new Waterproof Eye Pencil goes on with the precision and ease of a pencil but has the finish and look of a liquid. It’s the perfect tool to line your eye with something graphic and sharp for a stay-proof hold with a still-liquid finish. This doesn’t mean you can’t smudge, because you can, and it works perfectly, as long as you are quick… because when this baby sets, you’re in it for the long haul! In true YSL form, they have brought this liner out in some seriously cool colours! my favs are, naturally, the black, bronze and brown.



Kevyn Aucoin Curling Mascara

Just using a mascara on your pre-curled lashes keeps the eye looking youthful and wide.The curling alone opens the eye before the mascara for a care-free younger look. I love and use Kevyn Aucoin’s curling mascara then, because it works perfectly on pretty much every lash! The formula acts like a shrink-wrap on lashes, forcing them to curl as the formula dries. The short, tightly packed bristled head gives great separation – individually wrapping each hair in a tub-like cylinder of product as the wand glides through. This super lightweight formula is my choice when choosing a mascara for a stubborn-to-curl, short or fine lash. Oh, and dare I say, this mascara doesn’t flake! In fact, all you need to remove it is simply grab the lashes in a tissue between your forefinger and thumb and softy pull – the mascara will slide right off.


Paula’s Choice Contouring Palette

Blush – the unsung hero of the makeup world which, added high on cheekbones, will brighten the eye both under the eye area (allowing you to wear less concealer and foundation) and enrich your eye colour to make those peepers pop. My suggestion is to choose a colour that contrasts with your lips to weave an intriguing hint of radiance into your look. So, if you’re wearing a raspberry stain on your lips, wear a peach shade of blush, and vice-versa. If you’re rocking a pink lip stain, try the plum blush. Note: use a bronzer to warm the skin, particularly the neck, décolletage and eye socket first so the blush can do its thing without washing you out.


Eve Lom Kiss

When it comes to lips, light and cute is the vibe here. A powerful liner will work best with a light sheen that is not too glossy, so you don’t look like you’ve been trying too hard or unnecessarily harden the overall effect. Eve Lom Kiss has three shades that match the blush, making it easy for you to mix and match – and find the right shade to bring your entire look together like a professional. BOOM – now bat your lashes.







How to master the classic liquid liner in just a few foolproof steps…

Let’s be honest, unless you have the steady hands of a surgeon, mastering the ‘liquid liner’ can be a seriously shaky experience. Not only do you have to get the graduation in the thickness of the line but you have to get it STRAIGHT and EVEN! Well, here’s a technique and a Maxmade edit of liquid liners that’s going to blow all of those problems out of the water.

Step 1: Take a 2-inch piece of sticky tape (it doesn’t matter what type as long as it’s sticky) and press it onto the back of your hand a few times to dull some of its stickiness.

Step 2: Line the edge of the sticky tape up with the outer corner of the eye – just under the bottom lash line – and just below the end of your brow. Note A: If you want your feline flick to have less of a raise, line the tape lower, say along with your temple line or top of your ear. Note B: as always, pre-curl your lashes before moving on to Step 3! 

Step 3: To avoid the liquid liner from smudging and getting the perfect thickness from beginning to end, use a felt-tipped, quick drying liquid lining pen. Holding the pen upright just like you would with a normal pen, start by placing the pointy end of the felt tip deep in the inner corner of the lash line. Then, as you drag the felt tip pen slowly along your lash-line, start to lay the pen down making the line thicker as you near the end of the lashes. Then, as the pen leaves the lashes and runs along the tape, lift the pen more upright again so the line gets thinner, finishing with a perfectly lined eye. Woot! Note: Don’t worry if you get any liquid on the tape, it’s just going to be peeled off.

Step 4: Repeat on the other side before you PEEL & REVEAL!

TO FINISH… take your classic liquid liner to a new level and choose one of the above-suggested kohl liners and line the inner rim of the bottom eyelid from corner to corner. Smudge a little through the lash line its self to get that sexy, smouldering cate eye effect. It’s that easy…




Styling Credits 

Kawani wears: Leather Belt – Mariam Seddiq / Choker – Holly Ryan / Furr Bomber – Trelise Cooper





Hair & Makeup/product review: Max May | Words: Alina Berdi | Photographer: Bonnie Hansen @DLM for Maxmade.com.au | Stylist: Molly King @DLM | Model Kawani @IMG | Graphic Designer: Jake Stollery





  1. Lou says:

    I always hated the stickiness left on your skin when using sticky tape, but dulling the stickiness before placing it on the face makes so much more sense. Thanks for the tip! Lou x

  2. max says:

    pleasure Lou! Have a great week xMM

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