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Trialed and tested on super-babe Zoe Cross, whilst shooting under the hot Australia sun on the shore line of Coogee Beach, I put makeup queen Charlotte Tilbury’s Golden Goddess look to the ultimate test.

You’ve probably all heard (but just incase you haven’t), celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury has launched her own makeup range based around 10 key looks (and growing) that you can buy as a whole look (sold on Net-a-Porter Beauty) or individually, before popping onto her website for a full tutorial on how to apply your new look – and by the makeup queen herself may I add! Genius right?

Sold in Australia on Net-a-Porter Beauty, there is unfortunately not (yet) a counter here in Australia for us to touch and play with this wonderful new range. So, I thought I would put one of my favourite ‘looks’ from the range to the ultimate test and show you what all the hype – and my excitement – is all about!

The Golden Goddess look is all about dewy, golden, sun-kissed skin with delicious bronzy eyes and playful flushed lips and cheeks. Think St. Tropez sunsets, Missoni Bikinis and the likes of Gisele or any of the Angels for that matter. To show the versatility of the Golden Goddess set, I’ve put a slightly different spin on how Charlotte demonstrates the look on her site. I like to think of it as a more sexy Australian, beachside feel.

Whether you’re coming into Summer and need to give your Winter complexion a little pep-me-up or you’re leaving the warmer months behind and want to drag out that ‘Summer feeling’ you will not be disappointed. With 4 strong, versatile colours in the quad to mix, match & layer to your particular taste, style, eye shape or even occasion. Add a delicious bronze eye liner to rim, line and smudge, or add Charlotte’s world famous thicken and lengthen Mascara (she is responsible for Kate Moss’s rock-chic eyes) – the options are endless.

Throw in a blush to contour and give you cheeks a youthful flush of colour (the perfect colour if you suffer from dark circles or dull skin, as it brightens the face and eyes in a single sweep) and a lip combo of a liner, lipstick and high-shine gloss that can be layered or used individually, depending on your time and taste.

Now there are a few other products I used that don’t come in the Golden Goddess set (all of which I have popped in a tidy little shopping list at the bottom of the post so you can keep a tab on what you need), like Charlotte Tilbury’s Foundation “Wonderglow” – a luminous gold liquid you can mix into the foundation to turn up the radiant factor – and the Pressed Powder, and her Film Star Bronze & Glow Bronzer (if you don’t own this already do your self a favour – you’ll be thanking me later!).





Beauty Credits Golden Goddess

Step 1; Apply a pea-sized amount of CT’s Wonder Glow to a little over double that amount of CT’s Light Wonder Foundation – I used #5 Medium on Zoe’s skin. Blend with fingers starting at the centre of the face working your way out and down the neck. The foundation is a light coverage that illuminates skin, attracting and reflecting light off the skin’s surface, reducing the need for heavy, cakey foundation. Tip; To set the foundation in place and remove unnecessary shine, I used CT’s Air Brush Flawless Pressed Powder ( I used #2 Medium), which I lightly powdered the entire face with. Don’t worry, the luminosity will come through the powder once it warms up. 

Step 2; To give your face shape & warmth, I lightly contoured & highlighted the skin using CT’s Film Star Bronze and Glow. Note; This is truly one of my favourite products from the range. It’s fool-proof to work with, and provides some of the most phenomenal results. To master the art of  highlighting & contouring follow my Step-by-Step how-to here.

Step 3; With a blending brush (I used CT’s Eye Blending Brush) I blended the lightest gold shadow in the palette to the entire lid from the lash line to the brow. Note; This colour is what illuminates and brightens the eyelid and I find it makes it easier to blend the darker shadows over the top rather than straight onto the eyelid . To bring warmth and depth to the eye, blend the bronze colour (bottom right hand side of the palette) from the lash line, up into the contour of the eye – do this in a windscreen-wiper-like action. Don’t forget to smudge a little along the bottom lash line to finish – just before the inner corner of the eye. To give the eye a little drama and dimension I dabbed the darkest shadow with the iridescent gold flecks (bottom left hand side) using my fingers over the eye lid. Tip; Concentrate this colour to the centre of the eyelid and  into the inner corner of the eye – watch as the lid comes to life! Enhance the eye by adding a little of the gold shadow to the brow bone and to the inner conners of the eyes before applying 2 coats of CT Full Fat Mascara to top & bottom lashes – after curling. To finish… with a BANG I dabbed CT’s Lip Lustre Lip Gloss in Ibiza Night ( a 3D pinky-gold lacquer) to give the eye a sexy, dewy, hot Summer’s day feeling!

Step 4; One of the most important steps to keeping this look so fresh, vibrant and youthful is the use of blush. Often the forgotten or un-sung hero of makeup, applying blush is what actually brings the skin and eyes to life. It’s the final touch to any look. I swept CT’s Cheek to Chic in Ecstasy from The Golden Goddess Set over the apples of the cheeks and back across the top of the cheekbones. Final touchsweep the excess colour on the brush – I used the same brush that I contoured with, CT’s Powder & Sculpt Brush – up each side of the nose to give a more youthful, sun kissed look! 

Step 5; To keep the lip as natural as possible I enhanced Zoe’s lips using CT’s Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pillowtalk before dabbing CT’s Lip Lustre Lip Gloss in Ibiza Night (both in the Golden Goddess set) to give shine and dimension without making the lips look over done.



A new product in my kit is CT’s Super Model Body! A roll-on metallic body luminizer that hydrates, sculpts, stimulates and illuminates the skin – all at the same time. Blend over the décolletage, arms and legs for the perfect Victoria’s Secret Angel glow.





Photographer; Josie Clough @ItsNowCool, Model; Zoe Cross @IMG @CrossandBone, Hair & Makeup; Max May @Maxmade using Charlotte Tilbury


  1. Nicole says:


  2. so and so says:

    How did you do her hair?? what products, it looks amazing!

  3. Sameera says:

    WOW! I absolutely love love your blog Max!

    Can you PLEASE show me what products are good for the face when you’ve tanned your neck and body or if you have a darker body because you can’t your face, what method and products are best for a bronzy and clean tan look?

    Love love xx

  4. max says:

    Hi… There are no set products when it comes to this situation. I usually UP the shade of foundation I use by 1 shade – then contour the face with warm based bronzer. This needs to reflects the warmth that is in the body but should ONLY be used in the contours of the face so your face is not one shade of ORANGE! Warmer shades of bronze, brown and forest greens around the eyes also help! Remember, less is always more when it comes to makeup AND faux tanning!

    Thanks for the great feed-back too! Lots of love x MM

  5. Sameera says:

    Great! Wow thank you so much! I’ll defiantly take that on board! Keep up the amazing work and I am really loving your bronzed signature look XXX

  6. Liz says:

    Hello Max,

    Seamless looking make-up as always. I am interested to know what product was used on Zoe’s body to make is glow so nicely too. Any tips would be much appreciated 🙂


  7. max says:

    Hi Liz, Thank you for your kind words. Im so happy your are enjoying what I do and getting some great tips. Everything I credit in my stories is exactly what I use – so in this case the Charlotte Tilbury Super Model Body is true and correct. CT has just launched her AUS website so jump on and check it out xxMM

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