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Bringing sexy back Kate Moss Style.

Step 1
I started this look by rimming the inner eye lid with  Channel’s ‘Le Crayon Khol‘ intense eye pencil in black. This pencil is rich in colour and sits and wears beautifully. Once you have rimmed the lower inner lid and the inner corner of the eye lightly squeeze the eye together to transfer some of the pencil to the upper inner lid. Keep repeating to intensify.

Step 2
Taking a small amount of Mac eye shadow in ‘Carbon”  on a flat small ended brush, and work the shadow along the lower lid, starting from the outer corner of the eye and blending the shadow into the lash line till you reach the inner corner of the eye. Keep the shadow as close to the lash line and as fine as you can.

Step 3
I use a slightly larger brush on the eye lid like Shu Uemura Natural Brush 10. You start by working the product as close as you can to the top lash line and up to just under the contour of the eye. You want to create a rectangle like shape.

Step 4
Open your eye and with the same brush you want to blend the remainder of the product on the brush out and up from the  outta corner of your eye towards the end of the brow. Be mindful not to go under this line as you want to drag the eye up and out! I like to seal this shadow with a loose translucent powder to give wear. Becca Cosmetics “Loose Finishing Powders” are awesome!

Step 5
Liquid eye liners are not easy, lets not pretend. But there are a couple of rules and products to make this easier. I start by lining the eye with a pencil. This helps you to get the desired shape before applying the liquid. And if you ‘stuff it up,’ you can just blend it in with your eye shadow brush or fade it out with a cotton tip. I start by lining the pencil up from the corner of the nose to the outer corner of your eye and finally the end of your brow. This is roughly the line you want your liner to follow. You can even pull the pencil back from that point to roughly where you want your ‘liquid liner’ to finish and draw a small dot. With the pencil join the liner from the outta corner of the eye to the dot…..

Step 6
Now you can get your liquid eye liner out and start painting. I use Becca Cosmetics Eye Liner Compact and Water Proof Sealer on a super fine brush.  I love that I can control the consistency and intensity and it’s water proof which minimises smudging, giving a longer wear. Revlon’s Colour Stay Liquid Eye Pen is a winner too. Dries super fast and is compact, making it easy to carry.

Step 7
Now keep your eye closed or your eye line low so ‘not’ to smudge your good work. This is always a good time to set the liner with a little loose powder again.

Step 8
If you don’t already own eye lash curlers, its now time to. Good lashes do not happen without them. They are in my top 3 must have list. I’m as loyal as an old dog to Shu Uemura ‘Eye Lash Curler”.  I can’t live without these little babies and you shouldn’t either!

When adding your mascara  you want to start the brush as close to the roots of your lashes as you can. I’m a bit of a YSL Mascara fan. With the bristles of the mascara wand as close to roots of the lash as you can, you want to zig zag the brush back and forth. Pull the brush out, being careful not to drag any of the mascara too far up the lash and repeat on the other side. What this is doing is creating a trunk like effect on the lashes. It’s building a base, like a trunk on a tree and stopping the lashes from sagging or falling from the weight of the mascara. Give it a second to dry and then re-apply taking the mascara wand from roots to ends. With this look I give them a few coats to make them a little rocky and chunky.

Kate Moss eat your heart out!!
Enjoy x MM



  1. NEED TO KNOW says:

    what do you put in their eyebrows? BEST COLOR!!! I love Laras eyebrows soooo much x

  2. Claire says:

    Absolutely loving the blog! Could you please post makeup ‘how-to’ videos? Thanks x

  3. max says:

    I mostly use a matt eyeshadow. choose a colour that a shade lighter then your brows and fill with a brush! x MM

  4. max says:

    Thanx Claire there on there way! editing as we speak! x MM

  5. Anoulack says:


    Gorgeous! What lipcolor is the model wearing? What brand/number is the eyeliner brush used for Step 6 of liquid eyeliner. I know you posted fine eyeliner brush.


  6. max says:

    The Lip colour is Dior, Dolce Vita! My favourite liquid liner brush is Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush!

  7. Amy says:

    Just recently discovered your blog and I’m loving it!! I have really dark lines under my eyes are there any affordable concealers you would recommend? Thanks xx

  8. max says:

    Im very happy to hear you are loving maxmade. It’s feed back like this that makes it all worth it! There are a few concealing products I love, one of them is the Radiant Touche by YSL. It’s great to wear on it’s on as a light concealor or you can layer it on top of something like Shu Uemura’s Cover Crayon. x MM

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