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How do you build the ultimate skincare routine for a more radiant, youthful complexion #erryday? Come bts with me in a day-in-the-life of how I create my signature look of luminous skin on my celebrity clientele (and look after my own dermis!)

As most of you already know, I’m a huge Dermalogica fan – both in my personal skincare regime and as make-up kit essential. In fact, anyone who reads this blog (and definitely if you know me personally) would attest my D-obsession first hand grant credit to Dermalogica products as being instrumental in helping me achieve my signature flawless skin reputation.

So that being said, imagine my excitement when this all-time favourite skincare company asked to follow me for a day and share the love for not only Dermalogica, but skincare in general as part of a series called #MyFaceMyStory!

A heartfelt reason I started Maxmade was to create an honest platform that shares first-hand with women around the world the techniques and products I use both on and off the set. For me, it’s about creating a direct and genuine line of communication with my readers (you) to share in the love, passion and knowledge I have collected over the years that inspire and encourage women to being their best, healthiest and authentically stunning selves – whether it’s beginning or ending with their make up.

For me, Dermalogica is one of those brands that continues to deliver a high level range of quality products that not only help me perfect my art, but genuinely help my readers create their best complexions.

So without further ado here is #MyDayMyLife

To celebrate #MyFaceMyStory, I have put together my Dermalogica skin prep kit recipe to help any woman achieve a youthful, radiant complexion within days! Enjoy xMM

Maxmade Skin Prep Recipe

There are 5 major steps in my skin prep recipe for radiant, glowing youthful skin. A note, the first 2 are subjected to the skin’s current condition and the last time you treated your skin with an ‘active’ product – so do read the instructions. Do the following 5 step routine a couple times a week  for best results – and definitely right before any special occasions.



1. Start by exfoliating the skin with Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant after giving the face a quick cleanse… I describe this as giving your skin a buff and polish! What this does is re-surface the skin to remove any dead skin cells, leaving a smoother, more refined youthful texture. This helps minimise the amount of foundation you need and still achieve an even, longer lasting coverage. I love the texture of the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator as the particles of the scrub are so refined, you can buff the skin surface evenly from one side of the face to the other without tearing or leaving it aggravated. Tip: Rest a warm wet towel over your face for a few minutes first to soften and open the skin for the ultimate exfoliation.





Step 2. Now that the skin is at its most refined, we need to soothe, calm and plump the complexion with the ultimate in moisture and hydration! Here, I massage a generous layer of Dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating Masque over the entire face and neck before leaving for a good 10-15mins. To reap the full potential of this super nourishing, calming and hydrating mask, I’ll start prepping the hair or do a quick blow-dry. This gives time for the calming botanicals and antioxidants to restore moisture and the Hydro Hyaluronic Acid to trap as much hydration into the skin as possible. Note: Don’t forget to remove any excess mask with a little Rose water or toner before proceeding. 




Step 3. Tending to the delicate skin that surrounds the eyes is an important and intricate part of any skin prep. This area can often be the first to show signs of ageing or dehydration throughout the day. It’s also one of my most asked about areas, as many women struggle getting their foundation and concealer to blend and hold. The key is to use something that hydrates and plumps the skin first, but doesn’t leave a greasy residue that will cause your concealer to fold or crease. What I love about Dermaligica’s Intensive Eye Repair (other than it being packed with vitamins and minerals) to help protect, nourish and combat anti-ageing is the texture. There is a creaminess to it as it spreads over the skin – but as you massage the cream around the eye it starts to liquify under your finger tip, penetrating the skin instantly. Tip: If you are like me and get little puffiness under the eyes, massage the Intensive Eye Cream in an anti-clockwise motion to move the any fluid build up under eye up and out. Sounds simple, but it works! 








Step 4. Step four is a 2x part series that I have designed to both prep and protect the skin. Phase 1: I use one of my all-time-fav products (both personally and professionally) – Deramalogica’s Skin Hydrating Booster. Other than being one of the richest lightweight hydrating boosters around, it’s one of my key products in achieving the ultimate foundation application! Phase 2: Most people can attest that I’m a huge advocate of wearing a strong SPF. I literally slather it on everyday as I’ve seen first hand what the sun has done to people in my family that didn’t wear sunscreen through their younger days. I started using Dermalogica’s Solar Defence Booster SPF50 a good 10 years ago on myself as it was truly the only sun-cream that didn’t sting my skin my skin and eyes – nor leave me looking like a grease pit by lunch time! With a little trial and error against some other SPF’s, I worked out that this little gem sat effortlessly under foundation as a makeup primer when I was shooting out doors or on the beach. It sits super lightly on the skin for such a maximum protection cream.




Step 5.  If you suffer from dull looking skin that lacks a certain vibrancy – or you have more oily skin that makeup struggles to hold onto, look no further than Dermalogia’s Hydrablur Primer. It’s the original primer from the Dermalogica range that brings skincare and make-up together, designed to help minimise fine lines and pores, control excess shine AND impart a silky luminous veil across the skin to instantly bring it to life. After this, foundation can’t help but glide over the surface for the ultimate in perfect application. This primer is one of my favourite red-carpet-ready skin secrets!

With these tips (and some Dermalogica love) your skin will be glowing at its optimum, ready for some serious make-up application … unless you just won’t need it? Enjoy xxMM


 Special thanks to Carly and the at Deramlogica AUS for letting me tell my story!


  1. Alysse Gibbards says:

    Hey Max 🙂

    Just wondering what you would mix with Giorgio Armani Luminous silk to give it more of a glow?

    Thanks heaps
    Alysse xxxx

  2. max says:

    Try Giorgio Armani;s Crema Nude in shade 3 – Im obsessed with this golden beige liquid luminiser atm. You just had a couple of pumps to your Luminous Silk Foundation and it gives you the most delicious all-over glow! xxMM

  3. Jess says:

    Which texture spray are you talking about in your video above ?:)

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