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Feast your eyes on this season’s must-have eyeshadow palettes – curated to take you from desk to dusk (and dawn)!

Some of the greatest paintings of our time have left their imprint on our imagination due to their unmistakable use of colour. There’s Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, all translucent layers of paint applied so subtly that there is no perceptible transition. Or Van Gough’s Starry Night, with thick brushstrokes and rich golden tones that leave you staring at its burning sky.

As a make up artist, iconic visuals continue to inspire me. Just as a painter uses colour and shading to evoke a mood, so does an MUA wield his palette to bring forth the most beguiling features on your face.

So when my favourite brands release a make-up palette, I can’t wait to blend, shade and play with its myriad of new configurations and discover creative ways to play with light. And because I want you to enjoy this palette feast as much as I do, the below post will outline my favourite palettes to break out of your safe three-colours-on-repeat routine!

All picks have unstoppable formulas and shimmering shadows to achieve a smouldering look with a show-stopping glow. And with limited edition releases, you are free to create your own iconic looks that will be masterpieces of their own.


Grabo & Kelly Overnight Sensation Palette

This new local brand is a similar aesthetic to Anastasia Beverly Hills. A highly pigmented dazzle-rich palette has 5 key matte shadows to colour-correct and contour the eye, while 9 electric shimmering shadows colour and illuminate the eyes. The combinations are endless, so if you pick a daily look you better know it sticks, as their hold factor is not far behind. What separates this brand from the rest is that it’s cruelty-free, 100% vegan and bound in a recyclable cushioned cardboard frame that protects your shadows when travelling (or dropping on the bathroom floor), where plastic containers usually leave a trail of scattered remnants.

 By Terry Eye Designer Palette  in Techno Auro 

Don’t believe in magic? You will soon, after experiencing this wash of luminescent sheer colour glide dreamily across your lids. For a subtle (midas) touch, this is the velvety no-eye-shadow queen of eyeshadows. Rather than burst right in, this beauty melts into the eyelid and sits prettily where she belongs – as if she’s always been there. I like a woman who can claim her space! The slim-line compact is the perfect size to carry in that tiny Furla clutch, while the full side mirror makes for easy touch-ups on the move.



Smashbox Cover Shot Palette in Golden Hour Eye & Metallic Eye Palette

Confession: I couldn’t decide which one was my favourite! As far as love triangles are concerned, here is one where I don’t have to choose. Together, these palettes pretty much make up all my favourite shades to brighten, sculpt and enhance the eye – without needing an arts degree! In true Smashbox style, the pigments are as rich as they’re trustworthy. The Golden Hour Eye Palette has two matte shadows to use as a base or highlight, and keeps the other shades metallic to harness superb blends. Both are packaged in that must-have handbag/travel size case, which makes them an effortless two-stop-shop for gorgeous eyes.



it SUPERHERO Eye Transforming Anti-aging Super Palette

The It Cosmetics Superhero Eye Transforming Anti-Aging Super Palette is a new take on the Naturally Pretty Palette from it Cosmetics. The palette is split up into 3 sections of 6 eyeshadows, 3 eyeliners and three of the new Superhero Eye Base Eyeshadows that correct, neutralize, highlight and double as a eyes-only foundation. Packaged in a sensual hourglass shape, the lush black compact is broken up into a further three categories: Superhero Nudes, Neutrals & Liners. The selection of shades is made up of two mattes, while the rest are all satins. All six of the shades have a sheer yet build-able colour with soft, easy-to-blend texture that’s perfect for making up drier eyes with those cute fine lines. The three liner shadows can be used wet or dry to accent your eyes and achieve more definition. Phew! No wonder they call it a SUPERHERO.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous knockout Eyeshadow Palettes in Smoulder & Sultry

Hot off the press: these two limited edition 14-pan palettes reach new levels of sophistication, richness and drama. I had only two days up my sleeve to experiment and put these vibrant shades to the test, but with a strong edit of mattes to contour and correct the eyes – plus frosts to highlight and shade, I’m going to say these little beauties are going to sell out FAST. If I was to pick a favourite, it would have to be Smoulder.




Photographer: Emily Abay for maxmade.com.au |  Stylist: Nadene Duncan @DLM | Words: Alina Gershon | Product Review/Hair & Makeup: Max May | H&M Assistant: Lisa Fulginiti | Model: Zoe Barnard @IMG

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