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Winter doesn’t have to be all about dark & moody or bright & punchy lip colours. A subtle nude of the RIGHT shade can also make a statement and enhance a natural glow in the skin, giving us a helping hand through the Winter months!




This shade has the perfect amount of beige and pink for a nude lip that won’t wash out fairer to medium skin tones. I like to apply the colour with a brush then work the colour into the lips with my index finger. This technique helps warm the lipstick into the lips and softens the edges making lips look plump and full. TIPTo give lips definition on fairer skin types, lightly line lips with MAC Lip Pencil in Oak before applying TF’s Blush Nude over the top. 




A favourite of mine for many moons now this soft opaque pink-nude is heavenly on pale skin types or on those with darker cooler toned skin styles that want to make a ‘nude’ statement. Best applied with your index finger so to warm the colour into the lips stopping it from looking ‘lipstick’ heavy!




Cruising  is one of those shades that seriously work on all complexions! It adapts to your lip colour either muting naturally vibrant lips or amazingly adding the perfect pinch of pink-nude to those who have more muted natural tones. This shade is my go-to when suggesting nude colours to woman with thinner lips. The pinky-nude tone gives a touch of youthful colour and the subtle shimmery-sheen gives lips volume. Tip; For a more matte, truer version of the colour – or if your lips are a dark shade of purple or red- I line the lips with a neutral lip liner – Try MAC Lip Pencil in Synch, a yellow based pink- before layering Cruising over the top. Note; Apply a little translucent powder -using your index finger-over the top of your lipstick to lock lips ON for a all-night-wear! 




Nude Attitude is my go-to nude colour for darker more olive skin and lip tones. A yellow base nude that has a matt finish and a rich full coverage! If I was to name this colour after someone it would be J-lo! It sets off warmer skin tones completely thereby avoiding that washed-out look that can ofter happen. Apply with a brush and work into the skin with your index finger. Add a clear gloss in the evening to add volume and drama.





Beautiful on all skin types or those that have a slightly darker natural lip colour. Burberry’s Cashmere Lipstick is a warm golden-brown with a semi sheer glossy coverage that adds the perfect amount of shine and volume to any lip shape an size. Tip; Line lips with a matching lip pencil to build coverage and staying powder or fill the centre with more of a beige-nude lip pencil to lighten and add a 3D dimension.


Photographer; Tane Coffin for Maxmade.com.au, Model; Caitlyn Paterson, Hair & Makeup; Max May








  1. Kaylee says:

    I love your blog!!! I was just wondering what eyeshadow you used for this look:)

  2. max says:

    Hi! From memory I mixed the dark bronze red and the pink shadow in the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita quad eyeshadow palette. I finish by highlighting the inner corners of the eyes and the brow bone to as a little spark! Enjoy x MM

  3. Alina B says:

    Hi Max, love the article! I’ve always wanted to try a nude lip but have been a bit scared it doesn’t suit or will wash me out. I do think I will try the Tom Ford now…

  4. max says:

    I think that Tom Ford Shade will add just the right amount of colour to your face Alina. Use your finger to warm it on and don’t be afraid to use a little bronzer or blush to keep the skin warm and contrast against the lip xMM

  5. Savannah says:

    hi! these lipsticks are amazing. i personally love velvet teddy and creme d’nude by mac. could you let me know what eyeshadow is being used on the model? it’s everything i want right now.

  6. max says:

    Hi Savannah… they’re 2 of my all time favs too! I mixed the dark bronze red and the pink shadow in the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita quad eyeshadow palette. Let me know how you go recreating it? xMM

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