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It’s all about styled nails at the moment. Suddenly we’re all painting our nails every colour and pattern known to man!

I love a statement nail, I’m the first to try and get a contrasting or OTT nail in a shoot. Suffice to say, I have a bit of an addiction when it comes to buying the latest nail polishes and now, nail transfers or stickers.

Here I’m going to show you a simple and easy way to do a gold foil tip nail, in just a few quick steps.

I’m using Blixz Nail Foils. I purchased the Classic Gold Tip style online but you can also buy them from Hair Health & Beauty.

To get this look, you’re going to need:

  • Hair Dryer
  • Pair of nail of sharp ended scissors
  • Nail file
  • Clear top coat, for a long-wearing effect


Step 1: I started by painting the nails with  Essi’s Poor Li’l Rish Girl. I love this colour as it’s a rich deep red that paints effortlessly over the nail – even for those of us that are not a professional nail artist.

Tip: The Blixz Foil sheets come with several sizes of nail tips to fit all finger sizes. You want to choose the size closest to you nail or a little larger as you can always trim a little of the excess off to get the perfect fit & shape.

Step 2: Start by placing the tip in the centre or the nail (remembering to stick  down the V end of the sticker) and pushing one side down at a time.

Now, if any of them are little long and are  hanging over the cuticle, this is where you can trim.

Step 3: Once you have roughly moulded the tip to the finger I like to apply some heat. Blixz recommend to use a cuticle pusher, but I have found you’ll get a way better finish by applying heat. A hair dryer on medium heat, will help mould the foil tightly to the nail.

As the sticker starts to soften from the heat, you need to start moulding the foil tip to the finger nail. Start by working out any creases and then stretching the sticker over the end of the nail to make a perfect indent of the end of the finger nail in the sticker.

Step 4: With a sharp pair of nail scissors, remove the end of the sticker. Make sure you trim as close as you can to the tip of the nail.

Step 5: With a medium grain nail file remove the excess of the sticker by filing in a side to side motion (for those more experienced, try filing the excess sticker with a downwards motion). Tip: Filing up will lift the sticker from the nail bed and leave a rougher edge – try and avoid doing this!

Step 6: Finish by coating the nail and Foil Tip with a top coat or clear polish. I used Essi Top Coat. This will seal and smooth over any edges, improving the finish and giving a longer wear.

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