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Exclusive: Jodi Anasta Tells Us What It Really Takes To Be In Your Power

The gorgeous Aussie actress and MM fave talks motherhood, fitness and personal power in this Maxmade exclusive!

As a woman in the public eye, it’s easy to have an opinion on Jodi that is informed through tabloid stories and swayed by idle gossip. I want to share with you the Jodi that I know and love: pared back and raw.

I have known Jodi for almost a decade, and in that time she has positioned herself as the most loyal, generous, kind, sweet and hilarious friend that I have in my life. It was an absolute privilege to shoot Jodi as the first ever MaxMade covergirl five years ago – a shoot that was swished in a sea of shimmer and big hair (not just Jodi!) – and we’ve never looked back.

In our 9 year best-friendship, we have endured both amazing and crazy journeys. From Jodi’s blossoming acting career on Neighbours and subsequent move to Melbourne, to playing dress-ups for many an event… by far, my favourite experience has been cementing myself as an adoptive uncle for her adorable daughter Aleeia.

Through all of our experiences and memories, I have observed Jodi evolve into an empowered, calm and confident woman – in addition to her being an incredibly grounded mum. She’s feisty, intelligent and hilarious, which are all qualities I fell in love with on that fateful first shoot.

To celebrate our friendship – and 5 years of Maxmade – there was no question that we needed to come together for another editorial! The mood of this latest adventure was entirely different to that high voltage, glamorous story from 2012 (which remains one of my favourite shoots to this day).

When we shot last month, we went in with an idea of the shoot we wanted to create. However, such a presence and stillness emanated from Jodi that we embraced this and ran with it! I was almost at a loss as to what to put on her face as she was already perfect. We decided to celebrate her newfound inner calm and focused on independence, strength and womanhood as the hero themes for the shoot. We settled on a pared back and earthy editorial that ironically in its simplicity is one of the more powerful looks I’ve created.

I hope you enjoy the multifaceted subject that is Jodi in another MM x JA exclusive.



The Interview

Jodi Anasta is going through a Renaissance, of sorts. Not the kind where one upheaves their life and learns 5 languages or joins a weird cult, but rather a quieter and infinitely more potent inner shift.

As we sit down to brekky in a busy Bondi cafe, I instantly notice that her demeanour is softer, while her Azurian blue eyes glow clearer than ever before. Between giggles and poached eggs on toast, she lays out the inner journey that has led to this radiant calm and confidence.

“Having Aleeia definitely helped,” Jodi says of the robust 3-year-old she shares with ex-partner Braith. “She helps me see the world through her eyes and makes me want to be a better person. She’s just that kind of kid. With Aleeia, I’m asking myself daily, what kind of person do I want to be for my daughter?”

How else has motherhood changed her?

“She [Aleeia] is the essence of life. I understand what that term actually means now. Also, patience and trust.”

In her quest to show up in the best way possible for her daughter, Jodi admits self-knowledge has been a key tool. “Being aware of how your mind works, and conscious of how your thoughts, words and actions affect others means knowing myself well”, she says, “maturing in that way, has changed everything in terms of my decisions, friendships and how I navigate life.”

So what else is different?

“My last shoot for Maxmade, even though I felt super glam and sexy, was in hindsight just a vulnerable girl playing dress ups. I’ve just come out of a really intense period in my life. The shoot today, however, has enabled me to be infinitely more stripped back and raw. It’s a sense of emotional power where I have nothing to hide. I have my strength back. I’m me and I’m proud!”

Jodi refers to her past self as a “baby” and describes how she would go on crazy diets, eating unhealthily for two-week periods at a time. In contrast, Jodi today is committed to the 8 week F45 Fitness Challenge, and is doing the nutritionally sound Bulletproof eating plan.

Regarding her dedication to health and fitness, Jodi says, “I love it, and it keeps my head straight. It all comes down to owning everything – my body, my mind, my spirit and my choices! I think what has changed things is asking myself, what kind of person do I want to project? How do I want to feel about myself at the end of the day? ”

So what is it like keep a bi-coastal schedule, splitting her time between Melbourne and Sydney each week for Neighbours?

“Well, mama’s gotta work!” she laughs. “But basically, I’m always 3 days ahead. When I get to work, I’m very present, and I even missed the crew these holidays after about four weeks! I love Neighbours so much, and this year my character has really exciting developments in store, which will be really fun to play. But I’m used to the travel now and Aleeia has adapted really well. She is loving spending that quality time with her dad and grandparents!”

What else does Aleeia teach her?

With this question, Jodi lets out a whoop as we both explode with laughter at Aleeia’s theatrical, dancing and adorable antics, which are regularly seen on the beauty’s Instagram. “I don’t know who taught her that!” she swears as we watch her daughter animatedly strut around while delighting the mirror (and her mother) with a rendition of a popular tune. “I didn’t!”

Jodi assembles her self with a poignant pause. “Her spirit is so infectious…” she continues, “it’s like a light. I think that’s the best thing she’s given me, that expression of essence. She’s very charismatic and funny…. and anyone who is around my daughter is inspired,” the proud mum beams.

The most challenging thing about being a mum of a child under 5, however?

“Knowing that if I don’t do well enough within myself – in the choices I make, the lifestyle we have and what I teach her – I’ll let her down.”


What is Jodi teaching Aleeia about being a woman, then? Is pink banned or encouraged in the house? How does it feel when people call her daughter “pretty”?

“We like it all!” exclaims Jodi. “We like pink, we like being pretty, we like My Little Pony and baking cakes… but we also love being strong! We love being independent! It’s OK to be everything. It’s OK if someone calls my child pretty. What I think would be a lot worse is if someone said my child had no manners…”

Jodi then adds, “When I say to her, you are beautiful and strong – I don’t mean just beautiful outside, I mean her soul. She is such a beautiful spirit – and you instantly feel that around my daughter. She makes you want to be a better person!”



So what components does Jodi feel make up a powerful woman?

“Someone who is owning and loving who they are. A woman who loves and accepts herself, now. A woman with self-knowledge.”

What does self-knowledge mean to her?

“It’s when I’m owning my mind, body and flaws, my choices… and realising that I’m actually OK. Self-knowledge is also understanding your body. And everything, in fact… such as the effect you have on other people. Finally, it’s about owning your mind and understanding the way you think, understanding your own story and how you got to where you are.”

Happy, healthy and in control of her life, 2018 Jodi proves that motherhood, work and a life in the public eye is only as rewarding as how much as you value and accept yourself.

By the time you read this, Jodi would have jumped out of a plane for her birthday! Along with an exciting year ahead with Neighbours, she is looking forward to some short films – as well as a personal project that’s been brewing quietly for a while.

2018 sees Jodi pursuing more powerful roles, and working on some secret creative projects. “A good actor can do anything… although I’d love to do comedy,” she smiles.

I tell Jodi that I see her in a massive film and on the cover of Vogue!

“You just have to see where life takes you. This current moment is something I am finally enjoying for myself – for the first time in perhaps 10 years. 2018 is all about me, in mind, body, getting it all right and tuned along!”







Step 1: I prepped Jodi’s skin using Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder Morning Aura Illuminating Cream to even skin tone and give her skin a radiant glow, enabling me to use as little as possible foundation.

Step 2: The key to flawless skin is that you can still see skin texture – so I added a little liquid luminizer to Jodi’s foundationand to maximise all-over glow and a more youthful finish. Mix a 50/50 Armani Luminous Silk with Armani’s Fluid Sheer – a heavenly pinkish-beige colour that adds radiance and brightens the skin for a more youthful freshness! Tip: Use the warmth of your fingers to blend the foundation x fluid sheer mix into the skin.

Step 3: Lashes are curled with a Tweezer Mans Pro Lash Curlers and Diorshow Black Out waterproof Volume Mascara is applied to safeguard from any mascara runs. Brows are brushed with Garbo & Kelly’s Tinted Brow Gel in Bronde to add shape and thicken hairs to fill in any major gaps.

Step 4: I lightly contoured Jodi’s skin with Model Co’s X Hayley Baldwins The Filter Cream Contouring & Highlighting Palette. I prefer to use a cream when contouring and highlighting in the heat, or if I know there may be water around. It doesn’t run or streak like a powder, therefore giving a longer and more natural wear. I also love the glow the highlighter gives. It’s more or an ethereal glow, rather than a disco high-energy Instagram highlight!

Step 5: To add an elegant flash of colour to Jodi’s face and bring out her inner mermaid, I dabbed Revlon’s Insta Blush Blush in Candy Kiss to the apples of her cheeks with a Beauty Blender sponge, and applied EVE LOM Kiss Mix in Cheeky to her lip for a berry stain with a soft gloss finish.


Step 1: I prepped Jodi’s hair by rough drying in R&Co One Prep Spray to protect her hair while blow-drying in a little volume, and from the elements that we were about to shoot in. To add texture to the ends, I finished my blow dry off with spritzing through R&Co’s RowckAways Sea salt Spray. Tip: You can just do this at the end of the blow dry by spraying the ends and scrunching it with your hands ’til it’s about 80% dry. Allow the other 20% of the drying to happen naturally. This will give the hair time to settle and form a more natural form. 

Step 2: To enhance Jodi’s natural wave and give her hair a little extra live-in texture, I finished with Oribe’s Aprés beach Wave & Shine Spray.




Image 1: Surrounded by Ghosts – Long Sleeve, Mariam Seddiq Crepe Skirt, Mariam Seddiq Swarovski Earring  /  Image 2 & 3: Johnathan SimKhai Desordre Bustier, Mariam Seddiq Piece  /  Image 4:  Johnathan SimKhai Desordre Bustier, Mariam Seddiq Skirt, Jewellery Susan Driver  / Image 5: Surrounded by Ghosts – Cape  /  Image 6: Constantina Louise Dress  /  Image 7: Mariam Seddiq Piece, Mariam Seddiq Swarovski Earring  /  Image 8: Mariam Seddiq embellished sleeve, stylist’s own bodysuit  /  Image 9: Mariam Seddiq Piece /  Image 10: Style Addict Ruffled Top, Constantina Louise Skirt  /  Image 11: Jonathan Simkhai / Desordre





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