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Tom Ford and Victoria Beckham Both Launched A Beauty Range. Here Is The One We Like Better…

He is a fashion and film magician, she’s a recovering pop-star that’s ruling the runway. So what happens when both beauty collections hit the shelves?

He is a fashion and film industry magician where everything he touches turns to gilt and gold. She is a past-life pop star, whose fashion reign has editors and celebrities falling over themselves in praise and accolade.

So what happens when two formidable ranges hit the shelves? Both Tom Ford and Victoria Beckham (in collaboration with Estee Lauder) have glamorous make up ranges, with VB’s dropping in recent months.

Both are positioned at the premium end (but of course), with beauty market newcomer VB’s also coming in to-die-for, art-deco inspired packaging you’ll definitely want to keep, while beauty best-seller TF keeps to sleek, black and gold to lets his products sparkle.

So as a die-hard fashion and beauty addict, who takes the crown in the MM beauty face-off?




Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder Morning Aura Illuminating Crème is part moisturiser, part brightening primer that contains micro-pearls to illuminate and brighten for that morning glow.

The Tom Ford Illuminating Primer increases cellular vitality and contours the features while enhancing texture, toning and visibly brightening the skin.

So what do you choose?

Well, the VB light crème is luscious and thick in texture, so it’s definitely my pick for drier skin. Massage it in for that genuinely auric glow and luminosity – without added shine.

The Tom Ford Illuminating Primer is more sheer, with a silvery-metallic base that has more shimmery oomph. Due to its lighter texture, it’s my pick for normal and oily complexions as it won’t weigh down your skin and will beautifully balance light.


So, the winner here is dependent on your skin. TF has the advantage, as his range of Complexion Enhancing Primers come in shades of pink, peach and bronze shimmer-shades that are great for adding a touch of warmth when needed. Colours aside, they all work under the united pretence of attracting and reflecting light off the skin for a brighter face.



The Tom Ford Translucent Finishing Powder is one of my favourites – I’m obsessed. This is a massive compliment, because as you may know, I’m generally not a fan of powder. Many formulas change the foundation as soon as you apply it, leaving a chalky and ashy finish. Not so with TF! Translucent means exactly that here, being lightweight enough to gently settle into the foundation.


Traditionally, translucent powder was manufactured in one shade, and it obviously didn’t suit anyone with a darker complexion, hence that ashen finish. Thankfully, TF came out with two shades: an Alabaster Nude, which is almost white to melt into the skin without ruining your foundation, and later, an Ivory Fawn, with a slight pink tinge to it. Mid-toned complexions and those with a yellow or bluish shade under the eyes could use the Ivory Fawn to counteract and colour-correct this effect.

In my view, only apply setting powders where you need them, which is under the eyes to set your concealer, and perhaps a minuscule amount to an oily forehead or tip of the nose. There is no need to sweep this mindlessly over the face if your coverage is already great, unless you seek to dull and flatten the effect of your make up. Less is more and always, always use a clean brush that is only designated for your setting powder!


Now if anyone has mastered the effect of opening up her eyes with a setting powder, it’s VB with her Skin Perfecting Powder. By concentrating the effect underneath the eye, as I mention above, she achieves a blown-out lifting effect that pops her cheekbones and opens her eyes, but is still mattifying. Even though the powder looks matte, when applied it has the gentlest tones of superfine shimmer. In fact, it’s so refined, you may not feel it working, but in my opinion, it’s radiant, highlighting, setting and perfecting amazingness.

The verdict?

Victoria only has one shade, so it’s definitely a pick for girls with lighter complexions. The brush she comes with is OK, but I would love it if she came out with a fabulous powder brush to give this product further mileage. I recommend investing in a stunning powder brush anyway, like the Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt brush.

For the girl with a bit of an idea what tone her skin actually is, Tom Ford’s two offerings are your choice.




First up, can we just talk about how divine Victoria’s packaging is!? Harking to an ornate era and reminiscent of the 1930s, it’s a gorgeous, gilt and leather-bond compact. Sure, there’s a bit less product in there compared to TF, but when that product is a beautiful and blendable shade of taupe, it’s worth the investment, right?? This earthy bronzer is a dream to blend…. and did I mention the glamorous compact?

Still, Tom Ford’s Bronzer Powder is usually my go-to – they have a gorgeous texture and I love the selection of 3x shades Gold Dust (golden metallic bonze), Terra (cool toned matte) and Bronze Age (deep terracotta matte shade). Terra & Bronze Age are ideal for contouring, as matte bronzers give a cleaner and more pronounced contour, while the more shimmery Gold Dust is better utilised higher on the cheeks for a festive sheen of bronze. I would never advise contouring with a metallic bronzer like this  however, as the shimmer counteracts the depth that contouring is trying to achieve.


As far as colour and diversity, TF leads with more shades (Victoria’s bronzer only comes in Java Sun and Saffron Sun). His is an obvious looking hue, while hers is more seamless on the complexion. If being super-bronzed is your thing, TF definitely has the wow factor. If you’re after a chic and understated look (which is what I’m gravitating towards at the moment), then go for Victoria’s ornate treasure.



I am loving VB’s Eye Ink Mascara in blackest for its rich, sleek, paint-on formula that glides on the lashes for the shiniest black. The smaller-bristled wand is ideal for getting close to the lash root and inner corner of the eye, so I can really do that detail work, and separate those bottom lashes for a more defined, feathered finish.


While TF mascara comes in three types (Extreme, Ultralength and Waterproof Extreme), I do find that his formula transfers more readily and comes off on the skin more frequently than I’d like!




Having said that, I am in love with the Tom Ford coloured mascara. Coloured lashes are sooo underrated! Whenever I do a bronze, pink, purple or plum eye, I generally finish it off with a TF mauve mascara… with another coat of black over the top. This undertone of colour makes lashes pop, while still looking understated.

Or, if you’re doing a black smokey eye, why not apply a black mascara, then purple over the top for a flash of colour?



I think women should utilise colourful mascara wands in their kit and play with them more. Anyone can put it on – layer your mascara instead of grappling with a tricky liner.




Victoria’s Eye Matte Duo in Saphir Orange Vif is a total standout. Use the orange shade along the contour of the eyelid, then apply a soft line of the blue along the lash line for a flash of arresting colour that glimmers when it hits the light. Here, you want just a smoulder of blue, dab and smudge…a blue rimmed eye with an orange lid. It sounds extreme but it works so beautifully with the skin and enhances any eye colour.


Victoria has mastered a mix of elegant, practical matte duos, such as Noir Vanille and Bleu Electric Nude & Saphire/Orange. She has the matte factor over TF in totally wearable shades, although she does have Blanc Noir Gris Bordeaux: a palette of 6 delicious vivid colours of blue, green, gold, bronze, charcoal and champagne for devotees who crave a bit of shimmer.

Tom Ford is all about shimmer lids with a accent of matte to contour or give definition around lash line, in an orderly quad pack. His pigments are rich in texture and easy to work with, although I do find it difficult to blend his matte shades on some eyes.

Thus, a MUA trick is to apply a sheer layer of shimmer over the entire lid before applying a matte shadow. The shimmer helps with the blending and allows for a more even spread of colour.

The TF Eye Color Quad range has more diversity, coming in quads with lighter and darker colours for easy layers. You can apply and blend with your fingers, which is a sign of superior quality!

Both TF and VB have divine textures, great pigment and longevity to all their releases. The question remains, who are you at heart: a posh, understated lady of London, or a shining NYC disco diva? Either way, your face will be catered to by the best.



Words: Alina Berdi | Makeup & Product Review: Max May

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