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Should you use a Sponge your fingers or a brush when applying foundation and concealer? How to make the right decision on what tools to use according to the finish you desire when applying your foundation and concealer?

One of my most asked questions from both my readers and beauty editors are what my favourite ‘base makers’ are when applying foundation? The real answer depends on what sort of skin type I’m working with and what sort of finish I want? The thing is, each tool gives a different coverage and different finish. The key is working out what sort of finish you want and making the right decision.

SO HERE THEY ARE – my favourite Base Makers and how I use them to get the right finish and coverage on the right skin type!




Rae Morris Radiance Brush

There are very few occasions or skin types I wouldn’t use a foundation brush like the Rae Morris Foundation Brush when doing a makeup – even if was just to distribute the foundation evenly over the skin and I switch to a different type to finish. I love and adore the way the Radiance Brush buffs foundation effortlessly over the skin enabling me to move quickly and precisely in getting a professional, flawless finish. Now, this brush is all about understanding that I use a foundation brush like this when I want light to medium coverage. It doesn’t matter on the finish, matt or dewy skin it’s all about building a light to medium coverage when it comes to this beauty.  NoteGreat for all skin types except particularly dry or flaky skin -see fingers and sponge if this is you?



Beauty Department Precision Sponge

Maximise your foundation coverage and results with the Beauty Department’s Precision Sponge specially cut to fit into all the contours of your face. I especially love using all the angles of the Precision Sponge to get into all the hard to reach areas around the eyes and nose along with building a streak-free coverage on the face. If your skin is particularly dry the Precision Sponge should be your best friend when applying foundation and concealer. Unlike Brushes or even your fingers, using the Sponge helps avoid the lifting of dry skin that can sometimes be lifted by using other tools. TipUsing it damp will help to stop foundation & concealer from looking dry and caky as you build your desired coverage.




The warmth of the finger tips against the skin is key when want to make the skin and the foundation become one. Depending on how you use them, the finger tips can give you the best array of finishes out there. To build fountain or concealer coverage use them in a dabbing motion OR in more of a rolling motion to blend the foundation out for a more sheer coverage. Tip; Use the warmth of your fingers to warm powder into the skin once you have set it! It will take away any ashy-ness encouraging a more natural skin finish.


artiste-Blurring-Foundation-Maxmade.com.auartiste Blurring Foundation (& highlighting) Brush

On high rotation, the artiste Blurring Foundation (& highlighting) brush is perfect for concealing everything from the under eye to highlighting all the high points of the face with a slightly lighter concealer or foundation. This technique enhances the natural shape of the face giving you your best angles. The Blurring Brush is cut and angled perfectly to get a sleek finish on ALL skin types.


Kevyn-Aucoin-Contour-Brush_Maxmade.com.auKevyn Aucoin Contour Brush

I like to have more control over when and how I set or powder. It’s on a rare occasion I would want to set the entire face with powder so I use a smaller detailed powder brush like this Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Brush. I load the brush up with powder before shaking off excess so when it touches the skin it doesn’t overload the skin with powder. Less is often more with powder so I prefer to come back and apply a second sweep rather than over loading the skin with it causing skin to look dry. Great for all skin types and finishes except overly dry skin – see sponge!


Giorgio_Armani_Blush-Brush_Maxmade.com.auGiorgio Armani Powder (Blush) Brush

One of the softest brushes in my kit Giorgio Armani’s Blush Brush. I use this as my go -to brush when I want to sweep a translucent powder over the skin for a barely-there powder look. Called a Blusher brush I prefer to use this brush to powder with as its long, round edge bristles give me more control with how much powder I apply to the skin than most LARGER powder brushes. I load the brush with powder before shaking any excess away before gliding the brush delicately over the skin gently taking any un-wanted shine. Tip; Use your fingers to warm an excess powder into the skin for a more natural and flawless finish! 




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  1. Taryn says:

    Hi Max,

    The artiste blurring foundation blush I can not find anywhere online or in Australia?
    Please help! X

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